Monday, 2 November 2009


It baffles me that if someone spends 20 to 50 pounds (or more) to attend a concert that they then spend most of the night talking.....why? I have raised this issue with many people and no one has ever said "Oh I do that...what's wrong with talking?" who are these daft daft people?

At a recent U2 gig - the four people in front of me spent the entire concert chatting....occasionally looking up to see what track Bono had moved onto....At work on the Monday they probably told everyone what a great gig it was - how the hell would they know? Why not book a nice table in a quiet restaurant?

Are these people ignorant or thick or both?

For sure you might want to point something out to your mates during the show but not discuss the third world debt or whether Jedward should still be on the X Factor....

So I repeat - who are these people?

If you've spent a night watching a great band - jab jabbering away to your pals - tell me why....I'd love to understand your rudeness.....because while you may not be that interested in the music, you can be sure that most of the people around you are and they don't want to listen to your shouting voice.....

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